Come One, Come All to the New EarthCube Council of Funded Projects

Ken Rubin, EarthCube Leadership Council Chair, 14 Aug 2019

Have you ever felt as a funded EarthCube Project participant a little disconnected from the overall EarthCube effort?  Have you ever wondered what other projects are working on and how you might collaborate with them on capabilities such as interoperability? Have you ever wanted to have a more direct voice for your project team in EarthCube Governance to help drive planning and priorities for future developments?  Well, we have a new way to help you do any or all of these things! 

Make Your Voice Heard

On behalf of the EarthCube Leadership Council (LC), I am happy to announce the formation of the EarthCube Council of Funded Projects (ECFP), effective September 1, 2019.  Prof. Basil Tikoff (Univ. Wisconsin Madison) has agreed to chair this council for the inaugural year, with a co-chair to be named from the Leadership Council. 

Please join us and bring your enthusiasm for topics like geosciences data access, geosciences workflow support, component interoperability, standards and specifications, long-term sustainability of geoscience cyberInfrastructure, and more! 

How To Join

To join, please send an email to James Davies ( in ESSO, at UCAR.

The idea for this group is to provide a forum where members will (1) discuss matters of common interest to EarthCube funded projects (current, past and future) such as points of collaboration, (2) provide guidance to the EarthCube Leadership Council on strategies to help improve project interoperability and outcomes through governance initiatives, planning, and advocacy to the NSF, and (3) provide a forum where project participants, both senior and early career, can interact and share ideas throughout the year.  Some other areas of discussion I can imagine taking place there include but are not limited to:

  • Discuss points of collaboration and interaction between projects.
  • Discuss ways governance could better help projects achieve project goals.
  • Provide feedback on LC initiatives and planning documents..
  • Provide a forum for project updates in between annual meetings.
  • Develop/promote an EC 101 to help onboard new project teams.
  • Help to promote awareness of EC tools and services.
  • Promote integration of EC tools and services with the GeoCODES registry and workbench.
  • Discuss the sustainability of EarthCube tools and outcomes.
  • Help to develop coordinated project outreach plans

In developing this plan, the LC is thinking that such a group, which will be welcoming to any current or past funded project participant, will be a place for collegial discussions of all matters EarthCube, from a project or personal investigator perspective. We will set up the group with an ability to teleconference periodically, using technology  provided by the current (ESSO) and future (ECO) support offices, as well as a Slack channel to promote conversation and collaboration.

Initially, we are setting this group up on a provisional basis, as a working group, hoping it will later develop a proposal for a formal role in the EarthCube governance structure. The initial description of the group, it’s membership and structure and Details are described in a pdf on the Earthcube website at [LINK].  Some highlights include 

  • Membership is open to any current or past participant in an EarthCube funded project. Projects funded after July 2019 are required to have at least one active PI or co-PI participant.
  • Early career project participants are encouraged to participate in the council. 
  • Once constituted, the group could meet as frequently or infrequently as needed (regular meetings or on-demand).
  • This group will report out on its discussion via its LC representative, on LC calls, or other forms of communication. 
  • The working group will select items for discussion and action actionable by internal consensus or upon request of the LC.
  • The group will be co-led by a person appointed by the LC chair (Basil Tikoff) and an LC member (mostly there in a liaison role). In subsequent years, the council chair could be elected from the membership.

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