What is it like to attend the ECAM on an Early Career Travel Grant?

The 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting hosted a number of fascinating attendees. Participants from all over the world gathered together in beautiful Denver, Colorado to discuss and develop data solutions for the Geosciences. They came from a variety of countries, domains, backgrounds, and levels of experience. One of the things that allows for unique and fresh experiences at each annual meeting are the new ideas provided by those who attend on Early Career Travel Grants. This year, Young Don Choi, a PhD student from the University of Virginia, brought great light to the meeting.

About his experience, Young Don wrote,

“I attended the 2019 EarthCube meeting to present my research which is “Enhancement of Reproducibility in Advanced Collaborative Hydrologic Modeling for Published Computational Research”. My demo poster presented the concept of collaborative hydrologic modeling to foster hydrologic modeling community and how to create permanent reproducibility in collaborative hydrologic modeling. In addition, I supported “Reproducible Science Use Cases with HydroShare and Sciunit” breakout session with David Tarboton and Tanu Malik. It was a good experience to share our research and listen to others’ opinions. From this conference, I get to know how other researchers are studying and thinking to improve our research by sharing data, software, and documents according to a certain standard. We tried to emphasize the use of cyberinfrastructure for the reproducibility, and this conference was a good experience to share it.”

Young Don Choi, University of Virginia

EarthCube is excited to have progress and ideas not only flowing through its established community, but also to have members of the geoscience and data communities coming to EarthCube’s doors. Between its funded projects, new NSF solicitations, and new developments in research, lots of exciting things are coming for the EarthCube community. The 2019 ECAM was just a taste, there will be more developments to come. What kinds of progress might be made by ECAM 2020!?

If you missed the ECAM, or you want to remind yourself of what was said and done in that very quick week, you can check out the highlights, or watch videos of the sessions.

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