Highlights from the 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting

Last week, members of the EarthCube Community from all over the world gathered together during a sunny week in Denver to collaborate once again. The week had a variety of fun, productive, and inspiring moments; everything from GeoCODES demos to Friendships built around a passion for geoscience.

Finally Face-to-Face

The week began with members of the External Advisory Group and the Leadership Council arriving early to meet face-to-face on Tuesday. The two groups discussed the current goings-on in EarthCube, the accomplishments it has made, and the legacy they hope to build with its future. New members and retiring members both attended the meetings, allowing for maximum idea output.

On Wednesday the ECAM kicked off with welcomes from Eva Zanzerkia from NSF, Ken Rubin representing the Leadership Council, and Mohan Ramamurthy from ESSO. This led smoothly into the Lightning Talks for that night’s poster presentations. With one minute to pitch their poster, each participant gave a single slide and a brief synopsis of why their project is worth learning more about. These led to some fun takes from creative participants.

Together, Eric Lingerfelt, Doug Fils, Adam Shepherd, and Ruth Duerr presented on the subawards and GeoCODES, the evolution of last year’s Project 418 that includes many tools for data management including a GIU and a Resource Registry. You can get filled in on some of these updates via Lingerfelt’s previous GeoCODES webinar.

Beautiful Rocks for Beautiful Service

This year’s community service awards went to two people who have contributed greatly to the EarthCube community through productive actions as well as motivating attitudes. Matt Mayernik, who is a Project Scientist & Research Data Services Specialist at UCAR, and Dan Fuka, a Postdoctoral Associate at Virginia Tech, received this years awards for all of their hard work and contribution to the community. Our thanks go out to them for their contributions and time; and thank you to Mimi Tzeng for presenting these awards.

This year also held the first ever EarthCube Legacy Award. A huge thanks goes to Yolanda Gil for all her years of dedication to the projects in EarthCube as well as the people in EarthCube. The pride and gratitude with which Denise Hills and others presented Gil with the award is a testament to the community’s appreciation of her.

Continuous Collaboration

The Afternoon included great breakout sessions that cultivated lots of collaboration and new ideas. A fun and interesting Keynote address by Jess Phoenix brought everyone together again before the first poster session of the ECAM, during which connections were made and ideas sparked.

Thursday morning’s session, Science in Action: Part 1 led great discussion and problem-solving. This created a good energy for some great collaboration during discussion of NSF GEO CI workshops.

The following session, Future Big Picture, brought a lot of the topics from Tuesday’s meetings, poster sessions, and other discussions together. With the new goals and communal direction in mind, the group split onto various breakout sessions. Some focussed on EarthCube’s methods for reaching out and defining its community, others had more technical focusses, and some centered around GeoCODES in both technical and logistical aspects. And before that nights’ poster session, the group was addressed by Keynote Speaker, Shaowen Wang. He shared his technical expertise and also worked alongside the group to augment the suggest of EarthCube overall.

The ECAM finished off with Science in Action, Part 2, and a variety of breakout sessions designed to keep EarthCube’s momentum going beyond the meeting. Thank you to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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