2018 AHM Preview: Long walks on the beach and productive scientific workflow

Somewhere out there, there is a perfect EarthCube project for your scientific workflow

At this year’s AHM, master matchmaker (and incoming Leadership Council member) Mike Daniels will cultivate compatibility between science and technology in his Breakout Session, Integrating EarthCube Technologies into Scientific Workflows. Daniels and his Accelerating Scientific workflowS using EarthCube Technologies (ASSET) pilot project are here to help those science teams and EarthCube projects that just need a little bit of help finding ‘the one’.

Mike Daniels, incoming EarthCube Leadership Council member, will be leading the “science matchmaking” breakout session at this year’s All Hands Meeting.

ASSET examines science workflows to identify what their needs, strengths, and favorite flowers are. They aim to find the right EarthCube project to fill those desires and complement each workflow’s style. The team first works with interested science teams to map out their workflows. Then they work behind the scenes. ASSET plays wingman and collaborates with the ESSO to identify which eligible EarthCube projects pair nicely with the scientific workflows.

But the most important part of matchmaking is getting everyone together. Modeled after the very successful 2015 EarthCube Tech-Hands Meeting, the team designed the breakout session at the AHM to create a matrix of “speed dating sessions” for these groups.

Scientists and technologists get to know each other’s worlds

The potential partners will have several short meetings to discuss their interests, goals, and work. According to Daniels, the science-oriented participants will learn how to sketch out their workflows to help identify what tools can help. The technical-oriented participants will learn more about geoscience needs and how their tools might address them. “Each learns from the other, and ideally, many new collaborations will begin,” he said. The increasing dialogue means both groups will give more ideas and get more feedback. This provides a good environment for productivity and discovery.

The “speed dating” sessions provide only the spark; new developments and exciting collaborations will bloom from these activities and they will be even more exciting to watch. At the very least, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the types of science that EarthCube is being funded to address. They will see the heart of these EarthCube projects and how they can contribute to improving science productivity and discovery.

Session Leaders:

  • Mike Daniels

Register for the All Hands Meeting!

The 2018 All Hands Meeting is just around the corner! This year’s theme, “Platform for Integration” addresses a wide variety of topics, from hands-on demo of the P418 pilot project on EarthCube-related use cases, to audience engagement. Reserve your spot today!

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