Announcing the EarthCube Leadership Council 2018 Strategic Priorities

The EarthCube Leadership Council is pleased to present this Document outlining the three EarthCube strategic priorities for 2018 and beyond:

  • Science Advancement
  • Registries: Resource Integration and Reuse
  • Workbench: Scientific Workflow and Data Platform

The three priorities have been long in the making, involving significant feedback from NSF, ESSO and the External Advisory Group, and represent a consensus view of the EarthCube Leadership Council on the priority activities of EarthCube for the present and near future. Many hours of discussion and careful consideration went into finding the right balance between goals, objectives, timelines, practicalities and circumstances in domain geoscience communities.

We are excited about the future of EarthCube, and look forward to exploring the 2018 Strategic Priorities, as well as the activities aligned with them, with the EarthCube Community at the All Hands Meeting next month in Alexandria, VA.

Register Today for the All Hands Meeting

The 2018 All Hands Meeting is just around the corner! This year’s theme, “Platform for Integration” addresses a wide variety of topics, from hands-on demo of the P418 pilot project on EarthCube-related use cases, to audience engagement.

Reserve your spot today!

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