2018 AHM Preview: Sustainability of EarthCube Funded Projects

Jessica Hausman, Science Data Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will be leading the Sustainability of EarthCube Funded Projects Breakout session

A big concern for funded projects is sustainability. This remains a persistent challenge in the geosciences, particularly for those funded via short-term grants. The 2018 AHM Breakout Session “Sustainability of EarthCube Funded Projects” will provide a forum for the EarthCube community to develop their own perspective on how sustainability might be achieved.

Developing guidelines for project sustainability

Among the sessions at the upcoming 2018 All Hands Meeting, Sustainability of EarthCube Funded Projects will perhaps be one of the most challenging.

According to session presenter Matt Mayernik, the goal of this session is to discuss and develop guidelines that will enable EarthCube-funded projects to develop consistent, sustainable code and services. Participants should expect to hear about different ways to think about sustainability, including technical, organizational, and community sustainability.

Coordination and consistency is key for project sustainability

EarthCube has funded over 60 projects since 2013, resulting in capabilities that researchers can leverage with emerging technologies and services. “We hope we can illustrate how researchers can approach sustainability of all of these tools in the best possible way; with forethought and coordination,” said Mayernik.

Session Leaders:

  • Jessica Hausman, Data Engineer, PO.DAAC JPL
  • Matt Mayernik, Project Scientist and Research Data Services Specialist, NCAR/UCAR Data Library
  • Eric Lingerfelt, EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) Technical Officer

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