2018 AHM Preview: Project 418’s creators teach us how to approach their easy data search

ESSO Technical Officer Eric Lingerfelt

Eric Lingerfelt, the EarthCube Technical Officer, will debut Project 418 (P418) at the 2018 All Hands Meeting in June in the breakout session “Utilization of P418 in Science Use Cases and Workflows”.

Lingerfelt will showcase how this new tool allows for easy geodata search. It is arguably one of the most anticipated developments of EarthCube efforts since its inception in 2011. This is in large part because its relevancy extends to scientists and data repositories alike.

Addressing the F in FAIR Data Principles

P418 is a rapidly growing registry of data repositories that a user can search all at once. This drives right at the heart of the first of the FAIR Data Principles, that scientific data be “Findable.”

P418’s capability would allow a researcher to make important connections and discoveries in planetary science quickly and easily. As Lingerfelt said, “it functions like those ticket search sites that can find you the cheapest airfare.”

Everyone, meet Project 418

Lingerfelt will lead a demonstration of multiple avenues for utilizing P418’s online portals. He will show how users can conduct intuitive searches across a broad range of geoscience datasets and repositories. This includes browser-based web apps, as well as Python and R programmable notebooks.

Participants will also be shown how scientists who have their own data-discovery software can easily integrate with P418. Paleogeoscientists who have been testing and using P418 will give their perspectives how it can catalyze discovery through interdisciplinary data and reduce time to science.

But the session will not only cater to them; it will also address data repositories. Attendees will learn how P418 uses standard metadata patterns to lower the hurdle for exposing data holdings. And the best part? P418 software will be ready for scientists and data holders to begin using right away.

Easier to find data, easier to contribute data

P418 simultaneously makes it easier for scientists to find data, and for repositories to contribute data. Lingerfelt says he is most excited to present the ‘power of the system’ that he attributes to its variety of avenues and the growth of its registry.

These initial moves enhance a geodata search. But as the system develops, it will continuously unify scientists and data sites, bringing EarthCube closer to its goals of geodata access and discovery.

Session Leaders:

  • Eric Lingerfelt, EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) Technical Officer

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